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Thursday, 16 October 2014

BIG DEBATE: How Much Should Stars Donate?

If one film clicks, they end up as stars. And if two films click, they become super stars. And half a dozen hits in hand, they are the demi-gods. That's how Tollywood's most talented, creative and hardworking superstars like Chiranjeevi, Brahmanandam and Mahesh Babu evolved. Despite family background for certain stars like Mahesh and Charan, it isn't easy to claim an elite spot without winning showers of admiration from audiences. With this stardom, there comes a mind boggling fat pay check that fills bank accounts of these stars and some responsibility too. When these stars start writing checks in-return, during some calamity times, like the recent Hudhud, people wonder why they are greedy rather being generous. 

It's no wonder Megastar Chiranjeevi collected highest remuneration than any other hero in India way back in 90s itself. As 'Time' magazine honored him as 'Bigger Than Bachhan', Chiru was pocketing around 1.3 crores then. However, his Hudhud help won instant criticism as the incumbent Rajyasabha MP donated 50 lakhs of MP Lads Funds for Northern Andhra victims. What happened to the numeruno star's personal pocket? Though Mega family including Pawan (50 lakhs), Charan (15 lakhs), Bunny (20 lakhs) contributed their part, a little bit of personal touch from Megastar would have won appreciation. Probably the demi-god hasn't realized that people look that much deep into where the money is coming from. 

Mahesh Babu proved his generous nature by donating 25 lakhs after Ram Charan kick-started this #Hudhud relief funding among Tollywood's star fraternity. The question remains the same in Superstar's case too. Being a top hero who charges nearly 15-18 crores per flick and earns more than 65+ crore through brand endorsements per year, 25 lakhs is way too small, say common people. 

Comedian Brahmi has no day empty in his diary from the last 7-8 years. His working-days tick almost a 350 in the 365 day calendar year. Known for collecting a whopping 3-5 lakhs per day depending on size of projects, Brahmi is the highest earner than any other star heroine or secondary grade heroes in Tollywood. His bighearted donation for Hudhud victim is '3 lakhs', and there is no need to explain how 'mighty' our comedy star is. 

Point is that, there is no demand that a star should donate a particular figure basing on his earnings. But the point lies in how much gratitude these stars are showing to the people who have made their lives rich, red-carpeted and like fairytales. If not these people's hard earned money spent on movie tickets, there will be no palatial palaces in Jubilee Hills and Range Rovers in garages. Yet, the criticism is on one side and the 5+ crore donations made by Tollywood fraternity surely stand tall in rebuilding Vizag and lifting up the spirits. Still our stars should answer their conscience at least.
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