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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya Movie Review

Cast: Ajay , Naga Shourya , Sana Maqbool and Others
Directed by : Trikoti
Produced by : Sai Korrapati
Banner :Varahi Chalana Chitram
Music by : MM Keeravani
Release Date : 2014-10-10

Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya Movie Review
Producer Sai Korrapati has earned the trust of audience by making tasteful films besides his high budget ventures. After Oohalu Gusagusalade here is another different film from Sai Korrapati's Production house. Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya is a brave yet entertaining film that has many enjoyable moments.

What is it about?
Gopala Krishna (Ajay) is a middle aged bank employee and has two kids. His elder son Madhu (Naga Shourya) is a first year Engineering student. Gopala Krishna feels that he has lost so much fun in his life because of taking up family burdens at early age. He wants to taste the sweetness of so called 'love' and tries to woo young girls. He comes across a girl named Sameetha (Sana) and falls in love with her. While he is in attempts to impress her, his son Madhu too falls for the same girl.

Ajay: Ajay played the lead role in this film. He is the hero of this movie. He has done extremely well and did hundred percent justice to his character. He gets under the skin of the character and there is not a single moment where he fumbles. His performance in this film will be remembered for years. Kudos to the director for choosing Ajay in the lead role.

Naga Shourya:
 He plays second fiddle to Ajay and is apt for his role. He did a commendable job in the second half after he comes to know the truth about his father.

Others: Sana Maqbool is okay as the female lead. Indraja is good as middle aged house wife. Brahmaji is hilarious as hen-pecked husband. Ali is in his elements. Rest of the cast consists of mostly newcomers and they did an okay job.


Direction: Trikoti, who has so much experience as associate director, has done decent job in handling this film. Dealing with such scripts is not as easy as it appears. His work is particularly commendable in the last act.

Others: Music by Keeravani is an asset to this film. Ace musician uses his experience to full effect in raising the spirits of the movie. Dialogues are fine and other technical departments have done a decent job. Not many producers dare to attempt this type of films. Producer Sai Korrapati should be lauded for backing such novel ideas.

Plus Points:

Ajay's performance

Minus Points:

Lethargic Second Hour


Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya is a very different concept and a brave one to be precise. Father and son falling in love with the same girl is a very bold idea. It is not easy to make a film in an acceptable and convincing manner with such an idea. But the writers and director have done fairly decent job in making this an enjoyable film.

There are few moments where the film slows down considerably and moves at a snail pace. There are many hiccups during the second hour where the director struggled hard to walk a tightrope without losing the balance. Despite up and downs in the screenplay, the film ends on a good note. Ajay's performance plays key role in engaging the audience.

However not everyone would accept this concept. If you are okay with the concept and accept the film's conflict point, Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya will surely leave a good impression. First half of the film is very entertaining with a superb interval block. Things slow down and take melodramatic turn in the second half. Nevertheless Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya works because of its charming content and impressive climax sequence.

Punchline: Wathchable with a different story

Reviewed by:
Raghu Kumar.S

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