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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Yama Leela 2 Movie Review

Veteran director SV Krishna Reddy is back with Yamaleela 2 after a brief hiatus. Mohan Babu played the role of Yama in this film and KV Satish made debut as an actor.

What is it story?

Krish (KV Satish) is on a mission to find cure for leukemia. A pharmaceutical company owner (Ashish Vidhyardhi) tries to steal the formula from Krish. He even plans to kill Krish to stop him from finding the cure. Meanwhile Krish gets to know about his future through Bhavishya Vaani, a book that decides the fate of every human being. Krish hides the book from Yama to save himself until he is successful with his mission. Now Yama and Chitragupta (Mohanbabu and Brahmanandam) are after him to find Bhavishya Vaani.

Cast Performances:       

KV Satish is a bit wooden in few scenes. He needs to work on his expressions and diction. Diya is a pretty face, but could hardly emote. Mohan Babu is very good in the role of Yama. His powerful screen presence and superb dialogue delivery stands out. Brahmanandam tries his best on the comedy front. Kota Srinivasa Rao is alright. Tagubothu Ramesh comedy didn't click. Sayaji Shinde and the Gabbar Singh gang managed to entertain during the climax. Nisha Kothari did a cameo.


SV Krishna Reddy's script let him down. Story and Screenplay of Yamaleela 2 are pretty poor and nobody can do anything better than this with such script on hands. However, Krishna Reddy has to blame himself for this as he wrote the story and screenplay. He showed glimpses of his past glory in the musical department though. Dialogues are ordinary. Cinematography is decent. Editing is better in second half compared to the first half. Producer spent a bomb on this film. Yamaleela 2 is shot in various picturesque locations. Visuals are one of the best things about this film.


People expect Yamaleela 2 to be as good as its predecessor. But unfortunately it isn't half good as the original. Krishna Reddy was at his best when he made Yamaleela and this sequel is clear indication of his poor form. He couldn't get anything right about the script. Despite having all the commercial elements in the movie, nothing appeals or stands out.

Even Mohan Babu's dynamic screen presence couldn't help this film. Krishna Reddy made conscious efforts to please the audience with comedy. All the scenes are poorly written that they failed to get the expected result. Sentiment scenes too didn't work out due to flat narration. Characters aren't developed enough to sympathize with them.

If you are expecting something close to Yamaleela, this will let down big time on every front. This film is made on high budget compared to the original and that is not going to be a plus point for it at the box office. Yamaleela 2 is low on entertainment and the narration is stuck in eighties. It will have to rely on the brand value of the original and certainly needs some Godly 'Leela' to stay afloat and swim across to a safe zone.

Punchline: Even brahmi and mohan babu cant save this
Movie Punch Rating:2/5
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